Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.

CEO of HG & Associates Inc. and Contractor Coaching

Contractor Coach and Mentor

Been There, Done That.

I know that “I’m in over my head” feeling. The frustration of knowing you could be doing better but you just don’t know how. I too fell into that trap. I struggled until I learned to commit myself to finding out what really makes my construction business work.

I was born into the construction business. My Dad had a degree in Accounting and like all children of contractors, I got to spend summers working out in the field. My hands got dirty, but my dream grew.

If you were like me, I was my business. I worked long, hard hours, up early, on the job, worked the job all day, spent my nights estimating or doing my accounting. I wore all the hats. Then, one day, I realized that I was going about it all wrong. I hadn’t created a business, I had created a job!

What makes a construction business work

It was then that I discovered the most powerful question I could ask myself. “What makes this work?’ That question and the pursuit of its answer were reaffirmed by something my Dad had told me. “You don’t make your money with your construction skills, you make your money with your business skills.”

In 1991 when I sold my construction business, I spent some time wondering what I wanted to so with my future. I realized after some serious thought that the business model I had developed worked and why not help other contractors build a construction business that not only works for them but is fun and financially rewarding. At that time, HG & Associates, Inc. was born.

To get myself started, I reached out to a speaker and asked him to mentor me at my expense. It was a worthwhile adventure that lasted almost two years.

Since then, I have been the preferred speaker for Associated General Contractors (AGC), the National Glass Association (NGC), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), Remodelers Show and the International Roofing Expo, not including the numerous local chapters across the country.

Business that works for them, and for you.

I soon found myself being approached by owners wanting help with their businesses and from that came the Golden Hardhat Mentoring Program. I was giving owners of construction businesses the knowledge of my business model to build a business that works for them.

But my favorite thing is working with overwhelmed owners of construction business who want more from their business. These are owner who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work on their business, not in it. Who want to succeed with clarity, knowledge and master the tools to make it happen.

If you’re that owner, call me and let’s talk.