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You’ve Survived Years Of Attending “Hard-Knock University”.

Now what?

It’s not easy to thrive on your own. Think of it as an endless dark hallway… A never ending stream of sharks, crocodiles, piranhas, and the worst – lawyers (gross!).

Running a construction or contracting business is a challenge for even the most seasoned, persistent businessperson. And for  aspiring newbies it’s even tougher.

In these challenging times, it takes more than GRIT…

Because when you’re dealing with a harsh market environment, the endless delays, roadblocks, and often disappointing financial situations feel like they’re just too much…

I’m thinking you really don’t want things to continue like this do you? (I’m guessing not as that’s likely why you’re here, looking for a solution).

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Let me assure you, success is not only possible, it’s probable but only when you do the one thing all winners do:

Ever heard of a guy named Tom Brady?


And whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that the guy is one talented quarterback…

But here’s the thing… Even with all that talent, Tom Brady steps out onto the field KNOWING he has a better chance of winning the game than his opponent because A COACH PREPARED HIM TO WIN. 

Tom Brady (or any professional athlete) would not achieve maximum performance (and stardom) without proper coaching.  

That’s why Bill Belichick, Bradys former coach, is often credited by his most famous prodigy. 

Now maybe you’re thinking: 

  • I’m an expert tradesman and my skills are beyond compare
  • I don’t need a coach, I can do it on my own
  • I can learn what I need to know on YouTube
  • There’s a college near me and I can take night classes
  • I like spending my free time studying 

The truth is, ALL of these ideas might work. And I say “might” for a reason. You see, for years I tried to “go it alone”.

EVENTUALLY, I did succeed. 

I invested my hard-earned money buying books to study, taking time off to go to seminars, watching videos, and attending classes. While these activities were all helpful, it wasn’t the fasted path to success. 


You’ve no doubt hear that line before. On the surface, it sounds like good advice. I used to think like this. Then I realized that all my hard work, studying, scrimping, and growing my business on my own was really a “GET RICH SLOW SCHEME”. 

It dawned on me that while I WAS making progress, it was so agonizingly slow that I could FINALLY retire at the young age of 143! This was not going to work. 

The solution to growing a business quickly, with a minimum of mistakes, is to get a coach. 

In many industries, finding a coach is easy.

  • If you’re an elite athlete – EASY to find a coach.
  • Want to succeed in the army – EASY to find a grizzled veteran sergeant.
  • In med school to become a doctor – EASY to find an attending surgeon.
  • Want to race cars – EASY to find a driving instructor.
  • If you want to have a successful contracting or construction business – EASY. Call Henry Goudreau and see if coaching is right for you. 

For over 25 years, Henry Goudreau, C.S.L., has helped numerous contractors like you grow their businesses, profits, and build successful teams that finally gave the owner financial and lifetime freedom.

Henry’s business model is PROVEN effective as he’s not only a successful contractor himself but has successfully sold his business and coached other contractors to achieve excellence and success in their local markets.

Is there any reason not to call Henry right now and discover how coaching can grow your business, free up your time, and have you make for money?

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