Have You Been Feeling Like You’re “Just Spinning Your Wheels” With Enough Work But Not Enough Time, Profit, or Cash Flow?

Dear Fellow Contractor,

If you have ever been awake at 3:00am, staring at the ceiling with a lump of fear festering in your chest and wondering how you’re going to make payroll in 2 days AND pay for those materials that are already overdue, then this information could literally save your business (and maybe even your marriage).

Like me, you’re an expert in construction. And I don’t believe it’s fair that your construction business doesn’t generate great profits NOR provide you with the time and money to have the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to earn.


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I’m wondering… Have you ever experienced…

Erratic cashflow making it difficult to pay bills?

Spending too much time “putting out fires” taking you away from the activities that actually make you money?

Not knowing which of each days’ tasks to prioritize for maximum effectiveness?

Been SHOCKED at the end of a project that the profit you achieved was nowhere close to the profit you had expected when you were awarded the job?

The sad truth is, at some point almost all construction business owners have these challenges. Why? Because most business owners are stubbornly trying to “go it alone”…

As a result, they face these soul-sucking trials without help or support and it’s during these tests that mistakes get made…

And sadly these mistakes aggravate the stresses in the business.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Henry Goudreau’s Contractor Coaching will show you how to handle – and most often PREVENT – all those unfortunate events that just seem to stalk you every day, waiting for just the right moment to inject mayhem into your day.

Why Consider Contractor Coaching?


PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Let’s be frank, soldiers on point tend to be the first to get shot. And it’s the same in business when you’re out there, in front of your business, probing to find the trail with the least resistance.

CLARITY & CONFIDENCE: Do you remember when you got really clear about your goals? Maybe it was when you decided to start the business, or get married… Are you 100% clear about all your decisions right now? Who to pay? What to do next? Exactly how much profit you’ll have after each project is completed? When you’ll be able to take your next vacation away from the business? Are you happy with the number of times you answered “No…”?

ACCOUNTABILITY: Imagine the motivation you’ll have to finally transform your business from “a job that you just happen to own” into a REAL business – one that you could leave for 3 weeks to go on holidays, return home and find everything running smoothly, AND WITH MORE MONEY IN THE BANK THAN WHEN YOU LEFT. Contractor Coaching keeps you accountable, not just to yourself but to your family as well. Because at the end of the day, do you really like admitting to your family that you failed?

KNOWLEDGE: Through school and while learning your trade, you had instructors. Professional athletes have coaches. Even the President has advisors. Why?? Because no one person is smart enough to know it all or see all sides of a particular problem.When facing the day to day challenges of running your business, does it really make sense not to have access to a second source of knowledge with 25+ years of experience?

 Which Program is Right For You?

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In Challenging Times You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family To Get All The Advantages Offered By Contractor Coaching.

So Does It Makes Any Sense NOT To Schedule Yourself A

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“We have been members of the Golden Hard Hat program for over a year and attended 3 of Henry’s Boot camps just in the past 6 months! We learn something new every time we come! If I can say one thing only about Henry it is that…we will continue to come back time and time again and renew our membership because the return on our investment is AMAZING! I would pay triple what he charges … if we’d only known about this program earlier.”

Steve & Mary Jo Merando

SAM Builders

“We have been working with Henry for over 3 years! He has shown us the way to properly manage our business so we can get what we want out of it! We are no longer working for a paycheck but are building TRUE wealth! Just last year we were able to buy out another business to help take our construction business to a whole new level! Thanks Henry!

Tom & Monica Connors

Connors Electric

“”With only a quarter of the systems in the Golden Hard Hat program implemented we are already having our most profitable year EVER! I can only imagine how easy it will be when we implement the others systems!!!
The best part of the program is I can call Henry and Heath when ever I want and he is always there to help me develop a solution to any problem I run into. Finally I have a coach that keeps me and my business on the right track.”

James Fitzgerald

DBK Industries

“Imagine picking up your entire business and putting it in a whole new market place and turning a profit in the 1st quarter…I DID just that by following Henry’s Systems! Now my business is my vehicle to success as it has won numerous awards and enabled me to live the lifestyle I always dreamed of!!! I have personally referred this program to over 15 contractors I work with on a daily basis … I wouldn’t put my neck out there if I didn’t know it could work for anyone!”

David Bengston

Lighthouse Construction

“Henry Golden Hard Hat program has TONS of POWERFUL Business Building Information … we have been using it for the past 2 years and in all honestly without Henry we’d be lost!”

Kathleen Rua

Rua & Son's

When I first met Henry my business was about to shut its doors for good! After attending his boot camp and working with him I turned my net profit around 13% in the first year…paid of all my debt AND put money in my personal savings account after making more in that year then I had in the last 10! Thanks Henry!

Mike Fortenberry

Fortenberry Roofing

Henry has powerful business building information! I have been working with him for 4+ years and thanks to his help my business is on the right track!

Sam Sasser

S.E. Sasser

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