Mentoring Program

When you started your business, you probably dreamed of living the life of owning a successful and profitable business. A business with over $1 million of revenue that is profitable and affords you the time to do more than “just work”.

How’s that working out for ya? If you’re like most contractors and construction company owners, I’m guessing the answer is “Not very good”.

I’m sure you’ve worked hard to make your business a success…

But do you feel successful… right now? You ‘re still putting in endless hours, working 7 days a week continuously building up your business… And if you’re over $1,000,000 of revenue you’re to be commended because that’s NOT easy to do.

But do you feel your business achieving its full potential? Can you honestly give any more of yourself to your business – and for how long?

If you cannot afford to support the lifestyle you want or – God forbid – you’re seeing profits go down as revenue goes up, you need help. NOW.

I’ve been where you are, sitting at the table after dinner, seriously considering these questions, later being unable to fall asleep because of feeling an existential dread like the whole universe’s problems are on my shoulders…

Here’s the GREAT NEWS. You Found This Webpage.

Regardless of how many years you have been in business or how big your paychecks were in the past – you need to plan for the future and support the present.

You have two choices in trying to reach that dream, struggle on your own… chipping away at your business… hoping your hard work will go somewhere…


Seek the advice and knowledge of someone who has done it already for themselves and for others AND achieved the success construction business owners DREAM of.


Getting Advice And Knowledge From A Proven, Seasoned Mentor Is The Unquestioned Shortcut To Success.

You don’t have to fight an uphill battle alone. Wouldn’t life be better if you could work smarter by deploying tried-and-true techniques that have been used by dozens of other contractors and construction business owners from all across the United States and Canada?

The right mentor can help you, quite literally, transform your business. It’s statistically proven that small business owners that receive three or more hours of mentoring consistently achieve higher revenues and increased business growth, according to research done by the Small Business Association (SBA).

Construction is a unique industry, and strong roots can be formed by the right mentor who intimately understands the construction business. A mentor will help you navigate and avoid the common pitfalls that he has helped others avoid and conquer.


Dont Let Your Profits Sour. Don’t Allow Your Business To Stagnate.

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With Henry Goudreau, you can push your business to new heights and reap the rewards! You don’t have to settle for just getting by or slow profits. You can and will earn the profits your business can achieve with guidance from someone who has seen it all.


Who is Henry Goudreau?

Henry Goudreau, C.S.L. is a construction business and contractor mentor with over 25 years of mentoring experience. Henry has helped dozens of struggling, stressed business owners by:

  • Turning around financially handicapped businesses
  • Accelerating established construction companies
  • Assisting new contractors and construction businesses on the right track
  • Changing mediocre performing businesses into wealth producing machines.


You Are NOT Pushed Off To Some Associate.

Because of Henry’s personal attention, he can only work with a limited number of success-oriented owners.

The Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program Is Constructed On Multiple Steps: 

  1. The Discovery Call

Your initial call will focus on you and your business. We will go through your dreams and desires for your business and yourself. We will work out each item on a one-by-one basis, identifying the most urgent and starting the process of building the systems in order to optimize the businesses performance.

  1. Application

This step starts the minute a commitment is made to enter the Golden Hard Hat Program. The application requests specific information about you, your business, and the direction you want it to follow.

  1. The Program

The Golden Hard Hat Mentoring program includes a weekly scheduled call with Henry Goudreau, four HUGE volumes of proprietary information (including  Word and Excel templates that systematizes your business so that it runs smoothly – even when you’re away on holidays), and exclusive website membership access to additional online training, assets, and education.

 Which Mentoring Program is Right For You?

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