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Henry at Contractor Coaching changed my business & life. In 2017 I unfortunately encountered some medical problems that derailed me from working in the field. Business, up until this point consisted of myself, a pickup truck, my tools & a pool of subcontractors. I contemplated throwing in the towel due to the circumstances & stress but refused to entertain getting a job as I knew that was not the path for me. More importantly I have more time to spend with my family which is the most important thing I have gained. I cannot thank Henry enough & trust him with my life. I went from surviving to being able to dream again

Rob O’ Neil

O’Neil Industries Inc. – Luxury Remodeling Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

I reached out to Henry because I felt I was spinning my wheels every year, 60 hours a week, and not a lot to show for it. We were always around the $3M volume each year and just could not grow. I invested in Henry and yes at first it was hard to put that kind of money out not know if this program would work for me. Henry constantly met with me, gave me a lot of homework, made me accountable to do it, and got me organized in such a way that I was now running the company and the company was not running me.
We now have an organization that all our employees know there roles, perform well at them, and are accountable for their decisions and performance like Henry held me. We will do over $30M in volume this year with record profits. We have a large client base and can bond $8M per job and $25M overall.
It has been a huge transformation for the company and for me. I do not have to work crazy hours, I work my 40. I spend more time vacationing knowing the organization can run without me.
In 8 years I went from $3M to $30M and you can do it also with Henry.

Shawn Casey

S. A. Casey Construction – Commercial General Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

Henry has been a mentor and guide to me for over 25 years. I know he is always looking out for my best interest. My interaction with Henry has been a vital part of our success. I highly recommend Henry to anyone who wants to learn how to succeed.

John Hemphill

Hemphill LLC – Tower Site Development & Real Estate

Golden Hard Hat Member

Henry is a genius of construction company management and he is a pleasure to work with. His approach has been both motivating and empowering for me and my entire management team.

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer Fine Wood Working – Remodeling Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

Henry’s expertise and knowledge of operating a construction related business has been invaluable to me and my company. Follow the money/numbers is what Henry makes you do – and despite the challenge sometimes – that is the only way to be successful. Too many contractors have no idea what they make in a given year until the year closes out. Henry makes sure you are tracking these numbers monthly and making necessary adjustments along the way to reach your goals. He is a great sounding board as well – whether it be operations, marketing, staffing, etc. Thank you, Henry, for your guidance and expertise!

Derek Rolison

Lakeland Exteriors & Roofing – Premiere Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

Henry is great to work with and has helped our construction company put more focus on understanding our numbers and developing a success process. He has lots of experience and expertise in many aspects of business and we were able to apply many of those aspects to keep our company moving in a more efficient and profitable direction!

Angela Merseth

Unique Designs Construction – Home Remodeling Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

When I was at the lowest point financially Henry taught me how to set up accounts, mark-up jobs properly, get rid of things that didn’t work, and focus properly on things that were working. Within one year I was making a profit and was understandings how to actually run a business. I truly believe that if it was not for Henry I would not be in business today. Thank you.

Michael Forteberry

Forteberry Roofing Co – Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor

Golden Hard Hat Member

“Henry from Contractor Coaching equipped me with valuable skills to profit in the contracting business. Both my time and investment in their service have proven to be immensely rewarding

Jeff Briar

Lifetime Enclosures – Premiere Enclosure Source Contractor

Executive coaching member

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