Are You A “Show Me How to Do It Right” Kind of Business Owner?

I have been coaching business owners of contracting businesses for over 24 years. That’s a large time of my life. But the one thing that I have learned is simple and yet, most don’t follow it.

Action must happen first before results are produced.

Most business owners get into action only when they feel motivated. And, they only feel motivation when they feel an emotional inspiration.

And most people only become motivated to so something when they fear the consequences of not doing it. That means we slack off in times when we shouldn’t. Most contractors call me when they’re in financial trouble. You see, the motivation is business failure. The correct action would be to come to me before they are in trouble and that action would have prevented them from getting in trouble.

Emotions are powerful. They can work for you or against you. Look at the emotion of ego. If any emotion will help you or hurt you, ego is the leader of the pack. What you really need to understand is action is the key. Action keeps you moving forward. Action produces results.

The conclusion is that if you are being prevented by some emotion than make an important change in your life and business, and do something. Harness the power of action. Don’t allow yourself to be frozen by fear, apathy, excuses, and procrastination.

So, let’s talk about ‘show me how to do it right. There are basically three types of people in business, they are:

Do nothing

Do it for me

Show me how

We all know the results from doing nothing. Nothing! They will find all the excuses in the world, but it produces nothing.

The second one, do it for me, is just as dangerous as doing nothing. The problem with ‘do it for me’ is that you do not have a true understanding of what it means and how to work it. It’s like trying to assemble something without the right tools and direction. You will end up with some parts missing or left-over and no clue what to do.

I’ve had clients come to me after paying big bucks to some consultant and have no clue what it means. One such client had a consultant build a report for them but had no clue how to read it or what it meant.

So, this all points to…

“Show me how’ being the pinnacle. It’s the highest rung on the ladder. It’s big, and it’s a big step up for the business owner, that’s ‘show me how to do it right.’ You see, it’s much more desirable to have someone walk you through a process, making sure you have a complete handle and knowledge of the process.

In my coaching business that is what I do. I coach my clients on how to build sales, profits, people, and lifestyle. Very much like a coach you might have had in school who showed you how to play a game better, or a tutor who showed you how to properly solve a math problem, or understand some other topic better.

Sometimes they send over their work and I just fix it for them and get them moving on the right track. The important thing is keeping them in action. Some work with me for a few months until they feel comfortable, others have been working with me for years.

So, if coaching is so great, how come everybody’s not getting it? Simple, most people let self-doubt stand between them and the successes they deserve. It’s that little voice that cheerfully offers up excuses, such as, can’t afford it, I don’t have time, it won’t work for me, I don’t need it, I’ll figure it out myself, etc.

What works better, doing nothing or having someone show you how to get the results you want is faster, easier, more efficient, than you could ever possibly do for yourself.

What works better, doing nothing or having someone show you how to get the results you want is faster, easier, more efficient, than you could ever possibly do for yourself.

The latter if you want results, right?

Well then, you need to act. If you think your potential business increases could be meaningful or even life-changing – and you’re ready, we should talk. I’ll help you improve your results beyond everything you are doing now.

Seriously. When we work together, I guarantee that taking action on my advice will pay you multiples of whatever you pay me, you’re willing to put the time into it.

I’ll lead you to the right track. Help you understand what you need to do and why, devise growth strategies, develop and implement the systems and tools you need to build a business that works for you.

Not everyone gets the same results, some more and some less, and it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, so…

If you’re committed to ramping up your business for the coming year, while at the same time reducing your risk to the lowest levels possible and boosting your odds of success…

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